Lost and Found

Frankfort Transit does not assume responsibility for lost items.

To find lost items you must call 502-875-8565

  • When calling, please be prepared to give a description of the item, the bus number or driver name and route, and the time you lost the item. Bear in mind, it is not always possible to locate an item.

  • You will need to provide your name & phone number when inquiring about a lost item.

      • Arrangement will be made to return lost items to the owner

      • You cannot retrieve lost items in person from the Transit Facility

  • Drivers will not distract themselves during route to look for lost items

  • Items left on a bus will be consolidated at the Transit Facility at the end of the route

  • Wallets, IDs, and Credit/Debit cards will be turned into the Frankfort Police Department at 300 W 2nd Street the following work day when they are found

  • Frankfort Transit is not responsible for lost items

Lost and Found is cleared every two weeks. Items left in Lost and Found when it is cleared will be disposed of or recycled as appropriate

  • Trash will be discarded immediately

  • Food items left on the bus will be discarded immediately