Last Updated: November 22, 2023

Frankfort Transit's highest priority is the safety of its staff, passengers and community.  To ensure that everyone remains safe, DO NOT use public transportation if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms (regardless of vaccination status):

Frankfort Transit has taken action steps in order to best protect the public.  This includes: Sanitizing all high touch surfaces between each run or each passenger (Demand Response), daily deep sanitation with electrostatic sprayers, sanitizing all high touch surfaces on bus shelters regularly, enforcing mask mandates on drivers and passengers, asking passengers to social distance whenever possible and staying at home when experiencing any COVID-19 related symptoms.  

Masks are no longer mandatory to use any of Frankfort Public Transit's services.   It is highly recommended that you wear a mask if you are immunocompromised, have a history of high risk illness or riding while Franklin County is classified as "RED" by the Kentucky Public Health Department.  Drivers may wear masks at their discretion.