100% of Frankfort Transit's buses are equipped with a ramp or power lift. Most of the systems can accommodate up to 1000 pounds and utilize safety switches, hand holds, and belts for maximum safety.

All buses have 4-point tie downs and most have shoulder belts that limit forward and side movements. For your safety, Frankfort Transit requires that all wheelchairs be secured in one of the designated spots by the operator. If all designated wheelchair areas are occupied the driver will contact dispatch for assistance.

Lifts and ramps are available to those using other topes of mobility devices or those that need them. All mobility devices must be folded if possible and cannot block the aisle.

Frankfort Transit is actively trying to increase accessibility across the city. If you find Frankfort Transit areas inaccessible, please notify us at transit@frankfort.ky.gov

Include at a minimum the location and the difficulty experienced. If possible include a photo of the area and your recommendation on how to best fix it!