Food and Drink

Eating or drinking is not allowed on Frankfort Transit buses. Food and drink must be kept in a sealed/closed container. Drinks that cannot be sealed/closed must be consumed or discarded in a trash receptacle before boarding the bus. Alcohol is strictly prohibited on Frankfort Transit buses and at bus stops.


Personal items such as grocery bags and luggage are welcome, but make sure they don’t block the aisle or take up multiple seats for the courtesy of others.

  • No more than four plastic grocery bags can be carried on the bus per person

  • No more than two paper grocery bags can be carried on the bus per person

  • Luggage/Backpacks/Packages must be carried in the lap

Strollers and Carts

Certain strollers and carts are permitted. Folding “umbrella” style strollers are recommended. Large and double-wide strollers are not practical for use on Frankfort Transit buses. Strollers and carts must be folded and must not block the aisle.

Wheelchairs and Mobility Devices

Frankfort Transit understands that wheelchairs, walkers, and other mobility devices are a part of daily life for some passengers. Each bus is outfitted with a ramp or powerlift for accessibility.


Only certified service animals are permitted on Frankfort Transit buses or at bus stops.


Each Frankfort Transit bus is equipped with a bike rack capable of carrying two standard size bicycles. No bicycles are allowed on board. Spin Bikes are not authorized for transport.