Your Bike Rides for Free on Frankfort Public Transit

Fixed Route buses are equipped with easy-to-use bike racks that can quickly secure up to two bicycles.

The cyclist, not the bus driver, is responsible for all aspects of placing, securing, and removing your bicycle. Drivers are familiar with the use of the bike racks; however, they cannot physically assist riders with the placing of bicycles on the racks. Frankfort Public Transit is not responsible for loss or damage to personal property such as bikes, accessories and other equipment.

  • When not in use, the bike rack folds up against the front of the bus.

The following directions are printed on the bike rack to assist riders:

Loading your bike:

Pull Handle up to release and lower rack

Lower the rack before placing the bike upon the rack. Squeeze the silver release lever by pulling the silver handle upward, and then gently lower the rack to the horizontal position.

Place your bike on the rack

Place your bike on the rack in the location closest to the bus with the front wheel and the handlebars towards the curb. If a bike is already on the rack, the front wheel and handlebars should be facing street side, away from the curb.

Pull hook out and over tire

Pull out the curved spring-loaded swingarm, lift up over the front tire and place the hook as close as possible to the bicycle’s head tube. Now that the bike is secure please enter the bus.

Unloading your bike:

Pull hook out and over tire

Upon exiting the bus, be sure to inform the coach operator that you will be removing your bike from the rack.

Remove the bike by first lifting the hook and swinging the spring-loaded swingarm back down to the original position. Lift the bike up off the rack.

Pull handle out to fold rack

If no other bikes are on the rack, be sure to fold the rack back up to the upright, vertical position.

Step to the curb and wait for the bus to pull away

Safety Tips:

  • When loading and unloading maintain as much eye contact with the operator as possible

  • Remove or secure water bottles, pumps or any loose items that might fall off

  • Be sure to load and unload bikes toward the curb. Do not expose yourself to traffic when loading and unloading

  • When deboarding the bus please remind the driver you are going to be removing your bike from the rack

  • Avoid kneeling or squatting out of the driver’s line of sight

  • Wait until the bus moves away before riding your bike

Additional Information:

  • There is no additional fare for bikes

  • The rack will NOT accommodate tandems, tricycles, or most recumbents

  • Each bus carries two bikes at a time on a first-come first-serve basis. Bikes are NOT allowed inside the bus at any time

  • The driver cannot get off the bus to assist you, but he or she can give you instructions

  • Bikes in the racks do not touch other bikes, the bus or other vehicles

  • Bikes are transported at the owner’s risk

  • Bikes may not be locked on the rack

  • Cyclists must be able to load and unload their bikes without assistance

  • Frankfort Transit is not responsible for bikes that are stolen, left on racks or damaged due to improper loading or unloading