I lost my <insert item here> on the bus.

If you leave something on the bus please call the Dispatch Office at 502-875-8565 between 7:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Monday-Friday (except for holidays).

The bus drove by without stopping to pick me up!

It’s frustrating being passed up, especially when it’s cold or wet. If the bus didn’t stop for you, it’s could be because the bus was full, the driver couldn’t see you, or the driver accidentally missed your stop. To make yourself more visible; stand, move, or wave as the bus approaches. Waving your phone or a flashlight can help the driver see you in low light conditions.

During the pandemic, know that a properly worn mask is required to ride the bus. If your mask is not on or properly worn at all times the driver is instructed to pass you by.

I was running for the bus but the driver left without me.

It’s important for Frankfort Transit buses to depart each stop at the scheduled time. Once the doors have shut and the bus has pulled away from the curb, it is unsafe for the operator to stop and allow you to board. For these reasons, it’s recommended that you be at your stop five minutes early.

If you are not at the stop ready to board, the operator may not see you or know you are trying to catch the bus.

Why was my bus late?

Frankfort Transit makes every effort to keep you on schedule, but sometimes the bus may arrive late. It may be tempting to blame the driver, but delays are often caused by the same things that affect others on the road:

  • Heavy traffic

  • Accidents

  • Weather/road conditions

  • Special events

  • Police activity

  • Construction

  • Requested deviations

Why isn't there more information at the bus stops?

With over 150 bus stops throughout the city updating and maintaining specific information for each stop would be incredibly cumbersome. All information is available downloading the schedules from our Facebook page or by contacting the Dispatch Office at 502-875-8565

I think there should be a shelter at every bus stop in the city.

Bus shelters are typically located in areas where there is a high level of ridership or where multiple routes converge. Frankfort Transit services bus stops throughout the city and not all stops are suitable for shelters for several reasons. Safety and land ownership play a role in deciding on where shelters can be built.

If there is a specific location you would like to have evaluated for a shelter please fill out the Passenger Feedback Form

Why doesn't Frankfort Transit offer service outside the city limits?

Frankfort Transit is partially funded through federal grants. To maintain compliance with the federal regulations we cannot compete with other federal grant recipients. Notably, this affects both Frankfort Transit and Bluegrass Ultra-Transit.